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The Conjurer


50.7 %
1.3 %

Attack damage

Ability effects


Base Growth
HP 3201 + 319.2
Attack 163 + 8.8
Defense 99 + 18.7
Resistance 50 + 8.5

Hero   tips

The 3 spirit beasts are the source of Arum's power. Be sure to use Uncaged wisely because it will consume all her spirit beasts.
Ravenous Beasts
Arum's spirit beasts deal 60 (+0) (3% of target's maximum HP) as magic damage and heal Arum for 60 (+0) (3% of hero's maximum HP) whenever they hit an enemy. If the beasts hit a minion, then Arum is only healed 1% of her maximum HP.
skill 1
Lion Tamer
Mana cost: 60
Arum unleashes a roar that deals 250 (+0) magic damage and summons a spirit beast. While beasts are active, using the skill again and damaging an enemy will reduce the cooldown by 50%. Arum can summon up to 3 beasts, and the number of beasts determines the power of Uncaged.
skill 2
Mana cost: 0
Arum consumes all her spirit beasts to spawn a lion that charges at the target area, dealing 500 (+0) magic damage. Arum gains a short speed boost after casting. The lion charges ahead the same number of times as the number of beasts consumed. The effects are as follows: 1st charge: reduces enemy movement speed by 50% for 1 second. 2nd charge: reduces enemy movement speed by 90% for 1 second. 3rd charge: stuns the enemy for 1 second.
skill 3
Mana cost: 100
Arum summons her 3 spirit beasts immediately and binds herself to the target hero for 2.5 seconds. While active, both Arum and the enemy hero are immobilized, and damage taken by either one will be replicated on the other. This spell cannot be interrupted, and Arum cannot attack or use abilities while it is active.
summoner 1
Deals 800 true damage to nearby minions and monsters and stuns them for 1 second.
summoner 2
Instantly attacks a nearby enemy hero and deals damage equal to 16% of the HP the enemy hero has lost as true damage.

Hero   Story

“Leo, do you think I'm stubborn?”

Feeling the warmth from the lion cub, Arum finally calmed down. As unhappy as she was about the arranged marriage, running away from it might have brought more trouble and grief to her father. Exhausted both mentally and physically, she finally fell asleep in the forest, a place she called home, next to Leo, whom she trusted with her life.

Ten years ago, Arum arrived in Tamuq with her father Varian, who took a position as a guard. He climbed the ranks swiftly, and was soon awarded a General position by the Federal Council. Life did not remain peaceful, however. The conflict between the Federation and the Verno Woods escalated and Tamuq, a small town unfortunately located smack on the border, became the ideal location for both factions to duke it out.

Arum could be thoughtful and understanding when she wanted to, and she knew how much pressure her father was under. But how could she throw away her love for the Verno Woods, where she met and saved sweet little Leo, and the guardian pact she had sealed with the spirit beasts of the Lion Clan, just to support her father? Many had, in fact, shown hostility towards Arum because of her extraordinary past and fence-sitting position—people are extra sensitive nowadays after all. If not for Varian's unblemished reputation, perhaps Arum would have already been thrown into jail for colluding with the enemy.

With the town on the brink of war, Varian forced Arum to wed Rahms. It was for her own protection, Arum knew, as her father didn't expect to come out alive from the battle between the two races, and the only way to keep her safe was to make her the wife of Rahms, the only eligible bachelor with noble blood in Tamuq. Once wed to Rahms, Arum would gain all immunities exclusive to the nobility and could no longer be targeted by the public's accusations. This would give her a safer and brighter future, even if Rahms wasn't exactly the nicest and most blameless man out there.

However, now that Arum has ran away, Varian's elaborate plans have gone to waste and the townspeople were rapidly losing their trust in him. They believed he orchestrated this in order to give his daughter the opportunity to flee into the Verno Woods. “Shameless traitor,” the enraged townies cried. They finally decide to imprison Varian, who was burdened with too much guilt to try and justify his actions.

Arum was distressed-too distressed. In the end she snuck back to town and returned home to find that her father was no longer there—only guards awaited, faces impassive. After learning her father has been sent to prison, Arum surrendered under one condition: that she was to be placed in the same cell as her father. The guards ended up letting her have her way, as she was, after all, the daughter of the once highly esteemed Varian.

Arum reunited with her father in prison. No longer a stoic and majestic general, Varian looked gaunt and listless. Arum heard her own heart break several times over.

“My child, why have you returned? They...they'll send us both to the gallows!”

“I'm so sorry, Father. You wouldn't have been here if not for my stubbornness and selfishness,” Arum sobbed, kneeling in front of her father and lamenting her thoughtless actions.

“No, I'm the one who's at fault. If I hadn't forced you to get married, you wouldn't have-”

“Father, no more crying! Trust me, I'll get you out of here!”

Cold determination overtook Arum's dainty features. This was the first time she has ever summoned her powers, limitless powers she had inherited from the spirit beasts. Her whole demeanor changed. Out of the void, savage spirit beasts appeared at her feet, radiating danger, dark gazes piercing. Varian had long known his daughter's ties with the Woods, but never did he realize that she was capable of controlling such incredible, mystic powers.

Within a few seconds, all powers bestowed by the spirit beasts had manifested on Arum, making her the new Guardian of the Lions. Arum was now a member of the Woods, and therefore no longer a human. Arum had never attempted to activate her powers, not knowing how to explain them to her father, but drastic times call for drastic measures. She needed power to break out of the prison, to defeat all in her way, and to save her precious father!

“Spirits of all Beasts, the time has come to fight back!”