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The Anointed One


47.7 %
0.6 %

Attack damage

Ability effects


Base Growth
HP 3205 + 198.5
Attack 160 + 9.9
Defense 93 + 20.5
Resistance 50 + 8.5

Hero   tips

Ignis' passive makes chaining his abilities extremely damaging. Use Fire Crash, followed by Rain of Fire, and finally Holy Embers to take advantage of the escalating additional damage for using his abilities consecutively.
Sacred Flame
Fire Crash places a Mark of the Flame on targets hit, and enhances Ignis' next ability directed at marked targets. The mark lasts 3 seconds, and when the mark is consumed by an ability, Ignis is healed for 120 (+0) HP and the cooldown for Fire Crash is reset.
skill 1
Fire Crash
Mana cost: 30
Ignis forms the Sacred Flame into an orb and launches it, dealing 340 (+0) magic damage to the first enemy hit and nearby enemies in a cone behind it. Also increases Ignis' movement speed by 40% for 1 second. If marked targets are hit, then Ignis gains a shield that absorbs 300 (+0) damage for 3 seconds.
skill 2
Rain of Fire
Mana cost: 0
Ignis summons a Rain of Fire at the target area for 3 seconds, dealing 135 (+0) magic damage every second to enemies in the area and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. Marked targets are stunned for 1 second.
skill 3
Holy Embers
Mana cost: 130
Ignis creates a Sacred Fire formation that deals 700 (+0) magic damage after 1 second to enemy heroes in the target area. Marked targets take 800 (+0) true damage.
summoner 1
Increases movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds.
summoner 2
Teleports your hero a short distance.

Hero   Story

“The Holy Flame will lead us to the Kingdom of Truth.

In the doctrine of the Veda, the Holy Flame was the symbol of light and truth. As the guardian of the Holy Flame, Ignis had long relied on his abundant knowledge and unwavering faith to lead the believers along the path of light. It was for this reason that he was widely known as the Guide. However, before all this, Ignis had been an ordinary Temple scholar.

Obsessed with the pursuit of truth, Ignis spent all his time studying in the Veda's Tower of Contemplation. He read countless ancient texts, among which he discovered the long forgotten Holy Flame manipulation spells. Unfortunately, the Holy Flame burned out a century ago, making his discovery worthless. Everyone in the Temple lamented this fact, but Ignis was delighted, for his study of the Holy Flame had brought him one step closer to the Kingdom of Truth that he had dreamed of for so long.

Although it could not be put into practice, Ignis' discovery sent shockwaves through the forces of darkness that lurked just out of sight. No one knew what would happen with his next discovery, and it might just break the balance between light and dark. Commanded by Volkath, the Dark Lord, the Demon Army mounted an attack on the Veda, during which the scorching flames of hell engulfed the Tower of Contemplation. Terrified, most of the scholars fled, but the resolute Ignis refused to leave, desperate to protect the precious texts.

“If this is to be my fate, then bury me in the Kingdom of Truth along with all the precious knowledge! Death was right in front of him, but Ignis showed no fear. He trusted in his belief till the end, reciting a devout prayer again and again: “The darkness has come. I will sacrifice my body, my heart, my spirit, to bring the sparks of Veda back to the world and light the way!”

As Ignis prayed, an orb of pure white flames appeared in his palm and reduced the Demons surrounding him to ashes. “Is...is this the power of the Anointed One?” Ignis wondered for a split second, but he did not remain confused for long. He began to chant the spell to control the Holy Flame—a spell that had long been ingrained in his brain. The flames transformed into a majestic wall that enveloped and protected the Tower of Contemplation. “Death for those that pass the barrier!” And so they did—Ignis stood powerful and resolute, glorious flames in his hand, voice echoing through the walls of the Sacred Mt. Orphean.

“Are the seeds of Light Magic sprouting again?” Volkath, who was fighting Ilumia the Seer outside the Palace in the Clouds, noticed the strange phenomenon at the Tower of Contemplation and the sudden morale boost of the Veda troops. This was big—this was out of his control. As unhappy as he was about this, he had to give orders to retreat. That was how the Veda was saved once again.

After the battle, Ignis returned to the Tower of Contemplation and continued his journey towards the truth.

“Before the truth, the knowledge I possess is but a drop in the ocean.”