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The Gilded


50.3 %
1.5 %

Attack damage

Ability effects


Base Growth
HP 3378 + 352.5
Attack 176 + 9.5
Defense 114 + 29.5
Resistance 50 + 8.5

Hero   tips

Gildur's Indulgence is extremely easy to interrupt. Only use it when you're sure that it will connect. Extravagant can be used from afar, making it great to use as an opener or for ganking.
Midas Touch
Every 4th normal attack in a row knocks back targets and deals 264 magic damage. Additionally, Gildur gains a shield with 160 0 points when he uses any of his abilities or special normal attacks.
skill 1
Mana cost: 70
Gildur charges forward, dealing 90 (+79) (+0) physical damage to enemies in his path. His next normal attack becomes Midas Touch.
skill 2
Mana cost: 0
Gildur launches molten gold that explodes upon contact with an enemy, stunning and dealing 400 (+0) magic damage to all enemies nearby.
skill 3
Mana cost: 150
Gildur summons golden shards that stun and deal 100 (+0) magic damage to every enemy hit. This ability must be channeled and has a maximum duration of 3.5 seconds. Moving or using another ability after 1 second of channeling will interrupt this ability.
summoner 1
You and nearby teammates instantly recover 15% HP and gain 15% movement speed for 2 seconds.
summoner 2
Teleports your hero a short distance.

Hero   Story

Gildur once had more money than everyone. With assets all over the continent, his family crest sometimes carried more power than the King's order. His wealth earned him the title of The Gilded.

But material wealth made Gildur feel emptier inside than ever. He tried to numb the emptiness with alcohol and the companionship of beautiful women, but that did not help. That was when the Temple of Light, advocating soul-cleansing, caught his attention.

The ritualistic religion quickly filled the void inside Gildur, but being the calculative person that he is, Gildur realized that the fervor was not any different from his previous endeavors; he was in no hurry to leave though. After experiencing a religious life, he realized it could be potentially profitable. The hierarchy within the Temple gave him more reasons to seek power.

His wealth quickly paved the way for him to rise through the hierarchy and become one of the most powerful men on the continent.

My ambition for power is like a beast uncaged. I am not done.