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The Hotshot


50.4 %
6.2 %

Attack damage

Ability effects


Base Growth
HP 3401 + 202
Attack 174 + 14.8
Defense 94 + 16.8
Resistance 50 + 8.5

Hero   tips

Position Yorn appropriately when he is about to unleash his burst of arrows (his passive). Heavenly Barrage is very useful for team battles and laning, and is best used after each cooldown.
Fierce Shot
Every 5th consecutive normal attack triggers a burst of arrows, each one dealing 75 (+69) physical damage.
skill 1
Explosive Arrow
Mana cost: 70
Yorn fires an explosive arrow that deals 175 (+130) physical damage and stuns the target for 1 second. His next normal attack becomes a burst shot.
skill 2
Heavenly Barrage
Mana cost: 0
Yorn calls down celestial arrows that deal 105 (+73) physical damage to a random enemy in the zone every second. Also, his next normal attack becomes a burst shot.
skill 3
Heart Shot
Mana cost: 100
Yorn fires an arrow that travels extremely far and deals 300 (+214) physical damage, plus magic damage equal to 10% of the target's lost HP (maximum damage dealt to monsters is 1000). His next normal attack becomes a burst shot.
summoner 1
Increases attack speed by 60% and attack damage by 10% for 5 seconds.
summoner 2
Teleports your hero a short distance.

Hero   Story

Darkness shatters in my presence!

As the chief of the Holy Knights, Yorn had a strong body, handsome face, and brilliant archery skills. In battle, however brutal or gory it was, Yorn always took his stride in leading the Holy Knights to victory and glory. Because of his gracefulness, he was often mistaken as a fairy. In fact, Yorn was completely a human before being baptized. He was born in the Holy Hall and raised religiously. Yorn's biggest dream was praying piously for the Holy Hall and the Goddess until his death, yet, he was destined for more important responsibilities and duties.

At that time, the first darkness invasion had been over hundreds of years ago. The human civilization of magic and technology had been thriving thanks to the territorial expansion. Meanwhile, as a result of the cooperation of the Holy Hall and the Kingdom of Okka, the cavalry spirit established by King Arthur, the first king of Okka, had been included in the doctrine of Illumina. The Holy Hall had also started to build up its own Holy Knights.

Learning from the last war, Ilumia was finally aware that her demi-gods would be outnumbered by the ferocious Dark Army. Had the Forest of Shadows not struck back or Tel'Annas not shot that ultimate arrow, the world would have already been swallowed by darkness.

Since the war ended hundreds of years ago, Ilumia had recruited and baptized a batch of faithful disciples from humans and orcs. The chosen ones effectively filled up the positions in the mid-management, so that she could execute her political plans more efficiently. The establishment of Holy Knights marked the fundamental upgrade in the Holy Hall's military power.

The recruitment of Holy Knights took the teenagers by storm. Almost every teenager in the region practiced with each other every day on the arena to fight for the honor and glory of protecting the Holy Hall and the Goddess. Yorn was one of them, even though he was considered weak due to his ordinary human body, he still managed to pass the final round of the recruitment and secured his place in the army.

What kept him brave and confident throughout the entire recruitment process was the prophecy from Jinnar when he once went to the church to pray. The prophecy went: Sky as bow, sun as arrows; divine arrow befalls, light outshines the sun and moon. The enigmatic prophecy perplexed Yorn, and Jinnar refused to explain it any further. To Yorn, his future was somehow related to bows and arrows. Since then, regardless of what stood in his way and no matter how his comrades ridiculed him, he put every effort in his archery training.

Years later, Yorn had already become the chief of the Holy Knights. He was still grateful to the long period of training, which helped him through becoming a member of the Holy Knights, and also equipped him with broad strategic insights and unique fighting styles (killing enemies in one shot). For that, he was always in Jinnar's debt.

On the contrary, Jinnar never admitted telling the fortune of Yorn. I was just promoted as a disciple at that time. My destiny power was very unstable, that's why the Goddess gave me an artifact to curb that power. So, I told you to do what you excel and avoid something you're not familiar with. That's what I meant and I didn't want to sound discouraging.

Then, how did you know I'm a gifted archer? Yorn was determined to know the truth.

Let me tell you a secret. I was obsessed with Tel'Annas, especially how she shot that ultimate arrow, so I was eager to make everyone learn archery!

In disbelief, Yorn yelled, You were just trying to make a fool of me, weren't you?

Does it matter now? Why so serious? said Jinnar, nonchalant.

I heard something about you, Jinnar. You are afraid of the recoil of the destiny power, that's why you refused to admit having told me fortune. Am I right? Yorn scanned Jinnar, hoping to get the favorable answer.

I told you again, and I tell you again-Don't be so serious about it. sighed Jinnar.

I understand. Please accept my gratitude. I'll come back again.
See you.