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The Pistol Assassin


47.5 %
2.4 %

Attack damage

Ability effects


Base Growth
HP 3235 + 198.5
Attack 172 + 17.1
Defense 89 + 18.4
Resistance 50 + 8.5

Hero   tips

Violet's passive reduces Tactical Fire's cooldown quickly. Use frequent normal attacks in conjunction with Tactical Fire to harass the enemy. To finish enemies quickly, use Fire in the Hole to slow enemies down, then follow up with Tactical Fire or Concussive Rounds.
Normal attacks reduce Tactical Fire's cooldown by 0.5 seconds when hitting an enemy hero.
skill 1
Tactical Fire
Mana cost: 45
Violet rolls forward, enhances her next normal attack and deals 275 (+172) physical damage to enemies on a straight line. The subsequent normal attack within a short period of time retains the range of the enhanced normal attack. Tactical Fire also grants a 50% movement speed bonus that declines over 2 seconds if there are enemy heroes nearby after rolling.
skill 2
Fire in the Hole
Mana cost: 0
Violet throws a grenade, dealing 250 (+172) physical damage to enemies within range and slowing their movement speed by 90% for 1 second.
skill 3
Concussive Rounds
Mana cost: 100
Violet fires Concussive Rounds at nearby enemies, dealing 400 (+258) physical damage, and each enemy takes additional physical damage equal to 10% of their lost HP.
summoner 1
You and nearby teammates instantly recover 15% HP and gain 15% movement speed for 2 seconds.
summoner 2
Teleports your hero a short distance.

Hero   Story

“I hate sand! I hate storms! I hate my life! There’s not even enough water for a freaking shower!”
At the border of the Desert of Death, the Demon Hunters trudged on with harsh gusts of sand in their faces. Violet, wishing with all her might that she could just bundle herself up in heavy layers of fabric, cursed out this uncivilized, rough and barbaric land of sand. Her current status should have exempted her from such an expedition, but she came along anyway, due to the guilt she felt towards the members of the legion, whom she considered her own children.
Only a few of them knew why Violet, the successor to Federation General Hartford and the second Commander in Chief of the Demon Hunters, ignored the potential for promotion and instead insisted on investigating the corruption incidents that shook the Federation, despite this not being part of her job.
Though she managed to arrest a small number of sneaky maggots, several suspects in higher positions were somehow proven innocent. Quillen, a member of the Federation Congress, for example, was found not guilty of embezzling, and was in fact shown to have donated anonymously multiple times to civilians who suffered losses from new policies he proposed. Violet was soon discovered to have conducted unauthorized investigations and got in trouble not only legally but also ethically. To minimize damage, she resigned from her post immediately and offered to give up her retirement pension in order to keep the civilians quiet.
After that, Violet became a ranger who survived on bounty missions posted by the Federation. She would sometimes leave the territory and journey to other nations as a free mercenary. She was quite satisfied with this lifestyle—endless freedom, no designated route, lots to discover, and always on the go. However, as soon as she heard about the upcoming expedition of the Demon Hunters, she offered to return to her former team without hesitation.
“Some things must be done,” Violet had once said to Old General Hartford before she decided to investigate the corruption, and now she was saying it again to her Demon Hunter colleagues of olden times, while continuing to “do things”, holding true to her words.
The expedition team had already been in enemy territory for several weeks. They followed the strategy devised by Valhein, the legion’s Deputy Commander, and wiped out several monster lairs, ensuring that the Inferi wouldn’t be able to utilize the monsters on the front line. Meanwhile, their ally Murad also used his influence as the former Prince of the Empire to rally rebels all over the land, launching raids on mines and cities belonging to Azzen'Ka in conjunction with the Demon Hunters’ operations.
As the conflict continued to escalate, the lack of supplies began to trouble the allies. The Rebels, led by Murad, could only collect a limited amount of food and drinkable water from the survivors of the Empire. They had few medical supplies, making it impossible to go on. Even the Valhein had fallen from a heat stroke and barely made it through by sheer will.
To ensure a swift end to the battle, Violet was nominated as the new Deputy Commander. After all, no one else was as qualified for the position as she was.
If they toiled on, there was little chance they could complete their objective.
If they retreated, they could at least regroup for another round in the future.
But it was still a difficult decision for Violet.
“Old man, what would you have chosen?” She asked the image of Hartford that she conjured up in her head. The honored man was, when all was said and done, the one who had seen the potential in her and promoted her to Commander of the Elite Squad from a mere Junior Officer in the Investigation Bureau. Though she refused to admit that she did anything wrong, she still couldn’t help feeling guilty towards this kind old soul who did so much for her.
“I might not continue with the attack, but I sure as hell wouldn’t retreat,” the Hartford in her head said. Violet remembered what Valhein and the boys nicknamed him—the one-eyed devil. After losing an eye to the Demons, Hartford still pulled out his bewitched revolver and blasted the Demons’ heads to pieces. Naturally, he was not one to give up.
“Everyone!” With her mind set, Violet announced the new plan. “Split into teams of ten, disguise yourselves and blend into tribes, mines and cities. Feel free to start a guerrilla war wherever you find convenient.”
“Each team shall consist of one Captain and two Vice Captains that make combat decisions. If two out of the three agree, it is a go. The Captain will relay orders from the Commander.”
“Rebels working under Prince Murad, please coordinate with and support our guerrilla wars as much as possible. The sick and the injured shall be moved to a combat-free area by the rebels.”
“The objective of this operation is to destroy as many enemy military factories as you can and extend their preparation period for war for as long as possible.” Sweeping her gaze past the pairs and pairs of resolute eyes in front of her, Violet bit her lip. “Do whatever you can to sustain the operation and attack enemy targets.”
“Remember—we are not alone. All in the Allied Army, all intelligent life who fight for order and glory—they are all our allies.” Violet raised her arm and clenched her fist. “We shall show them what the Demon Hunters are made of! We shall show them the true might of the strongest legion in the Federation!”
“Forward, Demon Hunters!”