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Mother Earth: Magic Eye

Mother Earth: Magic Eye
Mother Earth Magic Eye.png
Gold.png 1200
Cooldown Speed
Max HP
Movement Speed

Magic Eye: Gain True Vision of your surroundings for 4s, and grant nearby allies a +40% movement speed that diminishes over 2s. Cooldown: 45s

Passive Earth Spirit: Gain 1 Additional Elemental Crystal every 30 seconds, up to 16 Elemental Crystals. Each Elemental Crystal grants 60 HP.

Up-and-Coming: If in the lowest 2 of the team for profits or EXP, gain 8 Gold or EXP every 3 seconds

Modest: Ally heroes nearby earn 100% Gold and EXP from minions and monsters while this hero earns 40%. This effect will expire in 8 minutes.